I started this blog a few months ago and then let other interests interfere with the actual writing that keeps one of these logs interesting.  This is pretty typical of the way I live my life.  I find so many things interesting that I take off in another direction before finishing what I first began.  This can be fun and exciting in the moment but leaves me with lots of unfinished projects.  This year’s task is still to clean up, clear out and finish the projects worth finishing.  In the meantime, I am working on a new commission.  This piece is a 3-piece design, sculptural and abstract.  It will mount on the wall of an interior space.  I am using copper glass tiles, hand leafed copper and silver glass blobs, some irridized glass, silver and gold glazed ceramic tiles and black unglazed porcelain.  My challenge is in not having the works look too dark.  The colors are rich and lovely and I will post pictures soon.  On top of this project I will begin an elementary school mosaic that will include all the children of the school, over 1,000.  Our design is an adaptation of the school logo.  My current quest for this project is acquiring donated materials and I am touched by the generosity of our community.