This is my third attempt to post this entry.  I think exhaustion from two shows and a floor repair job turned re-do the entire floor, had me pushing the wrong tabs for posting.  My one-woman show at Curiosities, I am Resurrected, had a nice turn-out in the rain.  Thanks to all who attended.  The Exquisite Creatures show at the Bath House Cultural Center was an even bigger turn-out with several hundred people in attendance.  A big thank you to all the artists for making this a great show. 
I am well aware that I like to make things up.  A few days before the opening of Exquisite Creatures, I saw an ocotpus on the window of a shop on Garland Rd, stopped to take a picture and decided it was an auspicious sign for our opening.  Then, later that evening I went to a late dinner with friends and found another lucky sign, a mermaid on the women’s bathroom door at Buzzbrews!  With two lucky signs our show was sure to be a success! Please note again that I do know I made this up.  However, I can say, now that the show is up that perhaps I am right.  I am delighted so many artists had an opportunity to create something fun and show it off.  We will do this again.
I will post pictures soon.