Yesterday, in Dallas, Texas, it was 82 degrees F.  A very hot day for December.  An excellent day to install a mosaic.  The mosaic installation is part of an ongoing work I created to teach my students how to create and install exterior mosaics.  We are covering the concrete supports at Visual Expressions Creative Arts School in Cedar Hill, TX with Texas-themed designs.  Here is Bill, named after my father-in-law who loved the road runner cartoon.  I never met Bill, he was gone before I married my husband.  However, I feel like I know him well through the stories of his children.  One of my favorite stories is that Bill loved the road runner and would not only walk around the house going, “beep-beep,”  but would also collect road runner souvenirs.  One of those souvenirs, a brass road runner sculpture sat on his desk with the rule: “Don’t touch my road runner!”  With five kids, Bill seemed to have lots of “don’t touch my stuff” conversations.  Honored here in this mosaic is my salute to Bill and his love for Texas.  I like to imagine Bill chasing after Emma Lou (the show-girl armadillo), offering to take her to Vegas.  Go Bill go!