In an attempt to create room for all I do, I am learning how to schedule my time.  I have spent my life pretending to be a free spirit, one who is unencumbered by time, schedules or obligations.  However, as an artist who is up to making a difference in the world, free spirit can only exist in the domain of structure.  My blog is one structure that allows me to share what I create and the how-tos of my creations.  The blog won’t make any difference to anyone unless I write it.  I dream about writing it, I write it in my head all the time.  The writing in my head is most likely impossible for you to read.  And now, I realize, it is time to schedule writing and posting my blog on a regular basis.  To begin, I am choosing the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  To remember beyond the recording of the date on a calendar, I created a mnemonic device I call my 2nd Tuesday Tessellations.

Why use the word tessellations?

1. The T goes with the T in Tuesday.

2. I am a mosaic artist and each piece of my mosaic is referred to as a tessera.

3. According to Wikipedia, the Latin word tessera comes from the word tessella, meaning small square.

 Mosaic is often like working a puzzle of small squares, finding where each piece fits such that a bigger picture is formed.  This blog has me distinguish the pieces of what I do so I may see a bigger picture, and how what I do in the space of my own studio relates to the world beyond what I think I know. 

How do you piece it all together in your own life?

For fun, check out this website and play a while with creating tessellated designs.