Katrina Doran is a native Texan with a can-do attitude.  She is a career artist who began her studies in architecture and design and graduated with a degree in psychology.  Following her aesthete, Doran has focused her attention on fine art mosaics, studying worldwide with today’s masters of the craft.  Her work explores the very meanings of things by distinguishing contradictions.  For example, one might find handmade ceramics, natural stones, 24k. gold and bits of rusty metal combined with care to produce textured tapestries using a sophisticated color pallet.  Informed by history yet experimental and unconstrained, Doran’s well accomplished aim is to produce extraordinary objects of beauty.

Katrina Doran is married to Denny Doran and has a son, Taylor Pierre Bryant.  All three are working artists and comprise Doran Studio.  Visitors to the studio experience a feast of the senses.  The beautiful mosaics on the front of their building are entwined with sweet-smelling jasmine.  In the evening, the wind in the chimes dances above light spilling from candles, and a life of simple creative pleasure paves the steps of this urban studio home with welcome.